NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASI is going to allow incoming mail to remain untouched and unopen for three (3) days to ensure the safety of our employees opening the mail. ASI highly encourages you to register online to make elections and enter payment information. You can make one-time payments (with a convenience fee) or set up recurring payments with no additional fees. This will also reduce paper usage and wait times.

ASI Pandemic Planning: ASI is taking precautionary measures to protect our customers, plan participants, and our employees as well as to ensure business continuity. Our goal is to continue to provide uninterrupted service for all of our clients. There is a possibility that mail service could be interrupted as a result of this pandemic. You can help by electing coverage online instead of sending paper election forms. You can also sign up for automatic premium withdrawals through Recurring Payments without having to wait for a check to reach us by mail. For Updated Pandemic Information, please click here.

Improve Your Focus


ASI COBRA helps you focus on your businessASI COBRA can help. While ASI COBRA helps meet your COBRA compliance obligations, you are free to focus on what you do best.

ASI COBRA brings value by reducing your potential liability and administrative costs. Meeting COBRA compliance obligations can be difficult. The rules are complex and notification requirements are time sensitive. Even with the best of intentions, COBRA laws not understood and properly implemented have the potential to cost your organization in penalties, fines and additional claims.

ASI COBRA will partner with you to provide compliant and cost-effective solutions and manage your risk associated with COBRA’s burdensome compliance obligation.

ASI COBRA can also assist with direct billing solutions by providing billing, premium collection and eligibility management services.

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